Like a haute couture dress, each one of our cakes are unique and original. Brief us on what you want and we’ll work with you every step of the way, to ensure that your cake is beautifully crafted just as you dreamt it! We are able to create any design, in any color, flavor or look you desire.

At GOSSIP, we offer 50 flavors of cakes and buttercreams so express yourself by mixing and matching as you please with an endless array of possible combinations. At the end, you can come up with your very own exclusive designer cake fashioned specifically to your taste!

  • If you would like to choose from our pre-made designs, you can choose from the following options of GOSSIP Cakes, made in true GOSSIP Style: These come in 5 designs - The Rose, The Swirl, The Ribbon, The Weave and the Ruffle –

    And they come as part of 3 collections that you can choose
    from the

    Vintage Line:
    Pure Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Choc-Peanut Butter, Choco Hazlenut, Cookies & Cream and Salted Caramel

    Couture Line:
    Red Velvet, Cappuccino, Victoria Strawberry, Choco-Caramel Pecan, Date Night, and 24-Karat

    Royal Line:
    Rose-Raspberry, Acai-Blueberry, Rose-Pistachio

Lastly, for the cheesecake lovers, you can choose from any our Baked Cheesecakes because who doesn’t love an authentic baked NY Cheesecake, made with cream cheese and a graham cracker crust! Select from our assortment of exquisite and exclusive GOSSIP Flavors: New York Strawberry, Rose Pistachio, Lotus, Chocolate-Rahash, Toffee-Date, Saffron, Kunafah, Pink Rose

Any of these cakes can be made mini size in Jars, as part of our Cakes in a Jar line, if you prefer to serve individual size portions!